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Commercial & Industrial Insurance

Specialist Cover For You

We understand that buildings are a property owner’s key business asset and are subject to many risks. That’s why we offer bespoke solutions which include extensive and flexible cover.

What’s Included In Our Commercial & Industrial Cover

When it comes to commercial and industrial insurance, we know that you want reliable and professional cover so that you can have peace of mind. That’s why our tailored solutions cover a spectrum of incidents, so you never have to worry.

Commercial & Industrial Property

The most competitive commercial property premiums available

Christopher Trigg have built excellent relationships with a wide range of commercial and industrial property insurers, who trust our judgement and offer our clients bespoke solutions in respect of commercial property portfolios and single commercial properties.

Our bespoke property insurance programmes provide a warranty and condition precedent free policy. It includes extensive and flexible cover backed up by experienced and knowledgeable underwriters, claims personnel and risk control consultants who can provide risk management advice and support to new, existing and prospective customers.

We believe in taking the time to thoroughly understand the impact of problems in our client’s industry, so that we can provide a consultative and knowledgeable approach when assisting you with your insurance needs. We understand that even a seemingly minor property loss can impact the occupancy of a building, while a major event can have a serious and detrimental effect on the operation and financial condition of the business. We appreciate the wide and varied exposures faced by the property industry and have experience in designing bespoke products to protect our clients against a range of exposures. In addition to protecting property from fire and theft, storm and flood, our insurance programmes can also cover key exposures for property owners, including subsequent loss of rent and public and employers' liability.

At Christopher Trigg, we cover a variety of costs which may be incurred. This includes costs acquired in removing debris, dismantling or demolishing, and in shoring up or propping the damaged building. It also includes any additional costs that may be necessary to comply with a Public Authorities requirement in the event of notice being served to incorporate alterations or improvements in the rebuilding or repair work to the damaged property. We also cover Architects’, surveyors’, consulting engineers, legal and other fees incurred when the damaged building is repaired or reinstated.