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Amazon Pro Merchant Insurance

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What’s Included In Our Specialist Amazon Sellers Insurance

We offer expert Amazon insurance advice and solutions to Amazon sellers with specialist insurance requirements. Our particular areas of expertise are:

What is Public & Products Liability Insurance?

Specialist Insurance Cover for Amazon sellers

Public & Products Liability (referred to as General Liability in the USA) protects your business should a customer allege they have suffered an injury as a result of a fault with a product you have provided them with.

This includes all associated legal costs and compensation if you are found negligent. We can offer expert advice for Amazon product liability insurance.

What are the Amazon Pro Merchant Insurance Requirements?

If you are an Amazon Pro Merchant with monthly sales exceeding £4,000 you are now required under the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement to maintain Public and Products Liability or General Liability Insurance with Amazon and its assignees noted as ‘additional insureds’.

The minimum level of insurance cover required is stated as £400,000 if retailing on the UK site and $1,000,000 if retailing on the USA site although Amazon sellers should seek professional insurance advice and consider their own individual exposures and needs dependant on the nature of the products being supplied.

The Problem:

There are a number of online insurance providers marketing themselves as Amazon Insurance specialists when in reality, their solutions are generic and offer very little flexibility if a sellers requirement falls outside of their standard question set.

Amazon sellers will have been left frustrated having undertaken a lengthy fact find exercise only to be told they are unable to be provided with a quotation.

There is a lack of quality professional advice available to those businesses whose needs fall outside of what is considered ‘standard’ and that is where we come in.

Our Solution:

At Christopher Trigg Ltd we have been arranging Products Liability coverage for all types of businesses and products for nearly 50 years.

With our industry knowledge and access to an exclusive panel of insurers we specialise in assisting the non-standard insurance requirements of Amazon sellers and have a proven track record in finding solutions where other brokers have failed.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our online retailer insurance page.