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Medical Devices Insurance

Specialist Cover For You

We provide insurance cover for a wide range of healthcare providers and organisations. Working closely with specialist insurers we have built strong relationships with, we deliver solutions to keep you protected.

What’s Included In Our Medical Insurance Cover

When it comes to Medical Device insurance, we know that you want reliable and professional cover so that you can have peace of mind. That’s why our tailored solutions cover a spectrum of incidents, so you never have to worry.

Medical Devices

Specialist Insurance Cover for Manufacturers & Distributors of Medical Devices

Medical Revolutions are a way of the 21st century. In the evolving world of healthcare, new devices are being utilised by the medical professions as advances are made almost daily. With these technical advances comes risk. In the past year alone, we have seen massive lawsuits and claims against manufacturers of breast implants and replacement hips (to name just two).

There is nothing average about the work that you do or the medical devices you make - and therefore you need an above average insurance broker to work with you. By choosing Christopher Trigg, you will have the peace of mind and reassurance in knowing that our panel of experts will provide you with a comprehensive risk management service and will be on your side through good times and bad.

At Christopher Trigg we work with specialists who provide cover specifically tailored to the unique risks of the medical and healthcare sector. In addition to working with medical device manufacturers, we insure clinics, cancer treatment centres, dialysis centres and laboratory facilities.

Specialist Amazon Pro Merchant Insurance

We offer expert Amazon insurance advice and solutions to Amazon sellers with specialist insurance requirements such as the selling of medical devices and products.

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